Campground Comforts & Amenities

Bath House: A bath house is available for free to all of our overnight camping guests.

Boat Launch: A boat launch is available for all paying customers. Bring your boat, whether you want to take advantage of our great fishing, or just have some fun on the water, we make it easy for you.

Pets: All of our guests are welcome to bring their pets! Just be sure to keep them on a leash, so they don't disturb our other campers.

Don't forget that Eggleston Springs offers some of the best fishing in Virginia! Bring your tackle and see for yourself!

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About Egglestons History

Eggleston springs Campground has a great view of the palisades, a landmark which played a vital role in the history of Virginia heroine Mary Draper Ingles. From the WV Scenic Trails Association:

Sites mentioned by [James Alexander] Thom in his novel [Follow the River] had particular significance to Eleanor and Debbie; they became the mileposts that reminded them of the hardships overcome by Mary on her arduous trek. The climb over the Palisades at Eggleston, Virginia was a spiritual experience of catharsis unsurpassed by any the women had experienced up to that point for it represented the end of their adventure at the very place where Mary was reunited with the culture she understood best. It was just beyond the massive columns of rock along New River that a ragged, halfstarved Mary passed from hope into the realization of that hope in a cornfield tended by a German immigrant neighbor of hers, Adam Harman.